The P365XL Spectre grip module is laser engraved at SIG SAUER with a custom pattern on all four sides delivering an aggressive yet stylish texture for a stronger, more controlled grip. The slide was designed with the exclusive Spectre X-pattern engraving, lightning cuts, and graduated serrations with a distressed finish to ensure every pistol.

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Sig p365xl spectre review

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Oct 23, 2019 · Our P365 XL featured a barrel length of 3.695 inches, measured from the breech block's hood to the muzzle. The P365 barrel measured 3.091 inches; The XL's slide was .675-­inch longer than the P365's.

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The Sig Sauer P365XL is one of the top-selling concealed carry guns on the planet. Sig continues the legacy by offering the P365XL Spectre Comp, which is the first production pistol with slide-integrated compensator. This one came to the office with just enough time to get a few shots down range. The Look - Very Cool. The Feel - Just like a standard P365XL. Trigger - Absolutely no difference at all from the standard P365XL, OMG look its gold. eye roll. Slide Serrations - Minimalistic and quite awful once you start sweating. Comp/Flat Shooting - Depends.

Be the first to review " SIG SAUER P320 X COMPACT 3 DetailsThe Sig Sauer P320 X-Series Grip Module is a quick and easy way to customize your pistol's fit and feel. 2019. 6"Weight: 52. ... the SIG P365XL SPECTRE and SIG P320 XCOMPACT SPECTRE , and they look pretty slick. 3 ounces unloaded and has a barrel. Jun 09, 2022 · Sig. The Sig P365 XL. It's got the same slim profile as the original P365 but with a longer barrel and a slightly longer grip for flush-fitting 12-round magazines. Sig also makes an extended 15-round magazine. It's about 3 ounces heavier than the standard P365 at 26.3 ounces loaded. 2021. 6. 15. · SIG SAUER Custom Works has just introduced their SPECTRE Series striker-fired 9mm Parabellum/9x19mm NATO pistols, the SIG P365XL SPECTRE and SIG P320 XCOMPACT SPECTRE, and they look pretty slick. Both are all.

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TRHC. Our Price: 5. 00 : Sig Sauer P365 XL 9mm Spectre Custom Works Edition P365V001 ,149.. Sig Sauer Firearms, some of the finest firearms produced. Shop By Price. Price range: $0.00 - $704.00 The filter has been applied; Price range ... P365 XL SPECTRE V2 9MM 10+1 # $1,199.99. Sig Sauer. Quick view Add to Cart. Compare Compare Items. P320. In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves tests the NEW Sig P365XL Spectre Comp. This gun is designed to be a high end EDC piece, but is it a good idea to carry.

The P365 defined what a concealed carry pistol should be, the P365XL offers the same concealability but with higher capacity. While the P365XL uses a longer slide, 3.7″ barrel and XSeries grip module, only 1/2″ is added to the overall length and height. Specifications. Caliber. 9mm.

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